Case Study: Magazine Publishing

Client Challenge

VIDA Magazine
Vida is a bi-lingual magazine distributed along the Costa de la Luz. The publication is aimed at a young, funky crowd but also has to appeal to an audience interested in real estate in the area. Having published several issues, the owners wanted a re-design that would bring the magazine up to a level where serious advertisers would be interested.

Words & Pictures Solution

Words & Pictures undertook a re-design keeping certain elements which the client really liked but changing the magazine so that it would appeal to a larger audience, look more professional and attract advertisers. We handled all editorial, providing articles and photography and contracting freelance contributors. We also looked after translation, liaised with advertisers and looked after the printing.


Thirty thousand copies of the magazine were printed and distributed over a six month period. We delivered the magazine in just eight weeks producing a visually exciting publication which was packed with interesting editorial appealing to a wide audience.

Download the Vida Magazine cover here (237kb, pdf)
Download the Vida Magazine Sports section here (3.4mb, pdf)
Download the Vida Magazine Style section here (3mb, pdf)
Download the Vida Magazine Environment section here (1.5mb, pdf)

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