Case Study: Brochure Design

Client Challenge

Worldwide Destinations
Worldwide Destinations is a new company based in Spain. They act as a bridge between property developers and clients using real estate agents in Europe and the U.S. to sell their product. They required a high quality corporate brochure to attract both developers and large investors.

Words & Pictures Solution

Words & Pictures designed a visually stunning brochure incorporating images related to their destinations. We wrote the copy for the brochure and handled printing. The brochure had a hard cover, UV varnish on all interior pages, plus a double fold out centre spread and two further pull out pages to highlight their key developments.


The brochure has been well received by the client and has succeeded in attracting new business. The brochure has been translated into Arabic and reprinted.

Download the World Wide Destinations brochure. (pdf 2,764 kb)